Acknowledgment / Waiver / Buyer / Seller Agreement

Listed below are Citadel Diamond Group's own restricted set of web site policies and its links to them for immediate Review / Acknowledgment, which is uniform to industry standards of International Fine Jewelry / Diamond Industry rules, regulations and conforms to all State of Texas & US Federal internet commerce laws as well as; all Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card and American Express Merchant processing rules, regulations, security and privacy implementation for internet commerce sales.
When "Purchasing" from CITADEL DIAMOND GROUP using these various modes and mediums listed here below...
• Face to Face in the Showroom.
• On Line in Citadel's E-Bay Store;
• On Line in Citadel's Company Website;
• Verbal Phone, Written E Mail, Fax and / or Post Mailed Orders
"YOU" The "Buyer Agree" to the same exact company policies, all listed on the main company's website.

Terms and Conditions
I CUSTOMER / BUYER/s, named here on my credit card process Acknowledge / Waive in this Agreement that I have fully read, understood all of Citadel Diamond Group strict policy pages within this web site. I also hereby within this Acknowledgment / Waiver Agreement that I will Conform, Accept all of Citadel Diamond Group listed Rule/s, Guideline/s, Limitations, Warrantees, Guarantees, Insurance/s and Sales Parameters that are set forth by the Merchant, Citadel Diamond Group.
I CUSTOMER / BUYER/s, fully understand by me checking off "I Agree" at the point of sale it Binds Me Contractually to all Citadel Diamond Group's Condition of Sale as a Buyer. I Acknowledge / Waive in this Contractual Agreement that I Have Accepted fully this Contract as our Buyer / Seller Agreement and all the Citadel Diamond Group Policy/s within this web site.
I CUSTOMER / BUYER/s, fully read and understand Citadel Diamond Group Refund Policies / Limitations and Warrantees that with any of my purchase/s comes a "Limited 30 Day Refund / Return Policy" which is not available to me under certain would be sales circumstances without any furthermore notice. This and any other Citadel Diamond Group Limitations and Policies can change without any further notice to me.
I CUSTOMER / BUYER/s, understand with my "I Agree" check mark at the point of sale I Waive Any And All My Rights to dispute this/my credit card sale for any reason what so ever; I Acknowledge that I purchased the said product and was Sold To On An "As Is Where Is Acceptance". I understand that I only have the remedies of the limited set of rules for any would be refund / return listed within Citadel Diamond Group's web site "Limited 30 Day Refund / Return Policy" for credit back to my credit card which is exempt in certain sales transactions such as and not limited to custom work, ring sizing, engravings and/or special orders; without any further and/or any upfront notice to me.
I CUSTOMER / BUYER/s, For any further settlement or resolve I Waive Any And All My Rights to a jury trial and accept a judge bench trial in Harris County, Houston Texas and accept the State of Texas resolution / judge's decision under the State of Texas Laws and / or U.S. Federal Laws pertaining to any would be claims.
I CUSTOMER / BUYER/s, Understand and Agree to Citadel Diamond Group insurance policy/s and all its limitations listed on this web site and I have also read the shipping carriers limited insurance coverage to my doorstep deliver.
U.S. Post Office
I know and understand that I have to get my own insurance coverage for the jewelry that I am parching today through my own means and personal insurance connections.
I CUSTOMER / BUYER/s, Understand and Agree, if I am a non U.S. Buyer I am obligated and will be charged to my credit card the excess international shipment charges incurred when shipping this product to me from Houston Texas U.S.A. to my country. I Understand the FREE SHIPPING offered by Citadel Diamond Group is only for U.S. boundary customers and the average $20.00 value amount will be credited toward my international shipment charges and the balance of it will be charged to my credit card.
I CUSTOMER / BUYER/s, Understand & Agree that my purchase does not include any would be Custom Duties charges importing this item to my Country. I understand the shipping carrier will contact me before the point of delivery by way of e-mail, telephone and/or post mail in regards to payment / settlement on the Custom Duty/ Documentation Filings fees for importing the item. I Understand and Acknowledge if I refuse to pay the Custom Duty amount the item can be confiscated by the Customs Office and/or the shipping carrier for recovery of the Duty costs thus Citadel Diamond Group has absolutely no responsibility for non delivery of the item. If the Custom Duty office or the shipping carrier ships back the item for non duty payment to the vendor Citadel Diamond Group the item will then be consider a "return & refundable item" but will invoke a 25% restocking fee to cover various expenses which will be subtracted from the credit card refund amount to the Buyer's; for the propose of recovery of costs incurred for Citadel Diamond Group. It is the International Buy's responsibility to process all paperwork to their Custom Duty's office and make payment for the Duty of importing the item to their country Citadel Diamond Group has no control over that portion of the deliver process to the International Buyer.
I CUSTOMER / BUYER/s, fully Agree to this set terms for purchase.