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Citadel Diamond Group

5090 Richmond Avenue, Suite 325 Houston, TX 77056

Lay-Away & Financing

No Interest & No Fees Charged 

  • No Credit Check for LAY-AWAY everyone is qualified.
  • No Intrest

  • No Fee's

  • 25% Down

  • 25% Each month after

  • 5 to 6 months EXTENDED LAY-AWAY is also available for multiple item buyer and/or large sales. UPON APPROVE
  • Cancelles after 30 days late payment
  • 7 days return for factory defective product for store credit only.
  • no refund no exchanges on lay-away

Lay-a-ways may be cancelled at any time yet there are no refunds and in-store credit will be held for the monies paid by the customer to Citadel Diamond Group for cancellations due to manufacturer defect. This in-store credit may be used at any time on another purchase from Citadel Diamond Group


Apply for an American Express Pre Paid Card. You can Also go to any American Express Offices around the world to get one in U.S. Dollars or Euros which you can use shop on line with us.

Get More Info On AMERICAN EXPRESS Pre Paid Card

Get More Info On VISA Pre Paid Card

Get More Info On MASTERCARD Pre Paid Card

Also you can transfer money from anywhere in the world to make your payment on your purchase with Citadel Diamond Group using Western Union Wire Transfer.

You can also do this face to face at any Western Union office around the world just look up the nearest location to you on line.