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Collectible Coin Investiment:

Walking Liberty Coin

The difference between investing in bullion gold coins and collectible gold coins.

It is important not to confuse bullion coins with commemorative or numismatic coins, whose value depends on their rarity, design and finish as well as their fine gold content. Citadel specializes in Collectible Gold and Silver Coins
Walking Liberty Coin

3 Essential Tips for Buying Collectible Coins

#1. Know market values – Whether you're a new comer to the coin market or have been purchasing coins for years, the knowledge you gain about how much the coin you want to buy is actually worth will help you immensely when it comes time to buy that piece.

#2. Learn about the types of collectible coins you're interested in – Researching the history, background, minting varieties, and more about your favorite coins will make you a more knowledgeable buyer and may even help you to spot real bargains on those collectible coins that less informed coin collectors might overlook.

#3. Make a plan – While some coin collectors like following their noses when it comes to buying coins, it can really help you as both a numismatist and a coin buyer if you know what your aims are

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