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Citadel Diamond Group

5090 Richmond Avenue, Suite 325 Houston, TX 77056

Insuring Your Citadel Diamond Group Purchase

Your Citadel Diamond Group purchase is covered by 2 segregated insurances; not overlapping each other for coverage.  

1) Citadel's own corporate insurance.

Citadel's corporate insurance covers the jewelry while in our possession only.  

2) The shipping carrier insurance.

Once we hand over the jewelry shipment over to the carrier for deliver to you, there insurance takes over for any loss and/or damage/s per the confines of their policy which you have agreed to.

With your purchase you accept these 2 insurance carriers and there policies.

limitations of coverage's as it is on your purchase.


If you require any other extensive coverage on your purchase we recommend that you contact your home owner's insurance policy to add full 100% coverage on your purchased jewelry TODAY; especially after the deliver of the jewelry item Citadel nor The the shipping carrier has any other responsibility afterword's for loss and/or damage/s to the jewelry item once you have received delivery of your box.  Also per our sales agreement contract on your purchase, absolutely no dispute can be placed on your credit card purchase for loss and/or damage to your jewelry once you received the goods by the shipping carrier.  As we have informed you of the insurance coverage limitations and gave you standard to the industry options to further your coverage for any would be claims when receiving your product / package in your hands.  

Citadel can also recommend to you a specialized insurance firm ( Jewelers Mutual Insurance ) which sells exclusively insurance coverage on jewelry.  Please click on this web link for to take you on their web site for step by step process to purchase such jewelry insurance coverage on line.

You can go to ,, or

for information on shipping for US and international, Duties and Customs for intenational returns and insuring your package.